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What's My Story???

Starting the Nava Pets Brand...

Keeping clean as well as being flea and tick free was a reoccurring problem for me.  My Mommy tried traditional shampoos, and flea/tick prevention solutions but they often did not work well and often irritated my beautiful skin and I almost died from the severe reactions as a result. This created a BIG problem for me and my family. Needless to say, I was not always the greatest volunteer but mommy was determined to create a product safe for me. In 2011, after months of trial and error, my mommy successfully created an Organic dry shampoo powder, treats, and food to help soothe my irritated skin and reduce the occurrence of food/skin allergies. Alot was a result of wearing flea collars and using topical flea/tick treatments.

I remained odor-free until my next bath and I had no skin problems. The all organic formula healed my skin and restored my coat back to its health. This made me one happy dog! The dry shampoo was just the start to the line of products that my mommy crafts to relive my skin and supplement my health and well being!

Although I am in doggie heaven, Mommy and her team at Nava Pets continues to make organic, healthy products to help all types of cats, dogs and small pets. I am so proud to be the inspiration behind Nava Pets and I hope our collection brings you the relief you need!




I'm Maxie